Рабочая тетрадь  и  решебник (ГДЗ) по английскому языку 4 класс  Биболетова

Unit3  Being happy in the country and in the city

Section 1.  We like the place we live!

Упражнение № 8.  Прочитай рекламу, которую мисс Чэттер дала в газету.  В какое время года тебе хотелось бы отдохнуть на уё ферме?  Как ты проводил бы там время?   Напиши.


Chatterplace is a large farm.   There is an old house and a big garden with flowers on the farm.

The house is clean and nice.

Come to my place!

You can ride a strong brave horse.

You can walk in the garden.

You can swim in a wide river.

You can read funny fairy tales.

You can play with little rabbits.

You can have a cup of warm milk in the evening.

Chatterplace is what you want!

You’ll have a good time here.

I would like to visit Chatterplace in ____________________________________________



Ответ (гдз) к упражнению № 8  Unit 3  Section 1  (Английский язык 4 класс  Биболетова )

I would like to visit Chatterplace in a large farm.  I’ll go for a walk in a big garden, ride a horse, swim in a river, read funny fairy tales, play with little rabbits and have a cup of milk in the evening.