Онлайн учебник и решебник (ГДЗ) по английскому языку 4 класс  Биболетова

Упражнение № 24. (Unit 3)  Tick the correct box and say:

a) Which is the biggest city?

Moscow                   Berlin

London                     Paris

b) Which is the largest country?

Great Britain                     Russia

The USA                             France

c) Which is the warmest season?

spring                                summer

winter                                autumn

d) Which is the shortest month?

May                                   February

August                              January

e) Which is the longest day?

The 22nd  of December                  The 22nd  of June

The 22nd  of April                            The 22nd  of  September

Ответ (гдз) к упражнению № 23   Unit 3  (Английский язык 4 класс  Биболетова)

Перевод задания.   Выбери правильный ответ.

a) Moscow;

b) Russia;

c) summer;

d) February;

e) The 22nd  of June.